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Wests 1876

Redzed Slushy Syrup

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Our very own Energy Drink, Wests RedZenergy Slushy Syrup offers the chance to have the refreshment of a Slushy with the added benefit of Caffeine for extra energy!

Wests' Slushy Mixes are formulated with a 1:4 syrup / water ratio in mind. Although you can adjust to your personal preference, this means that one of our 2 litre bottles can fill up perfectly a traditional 10 litre Slushy Machine bowl. Easy for you, and delicious at the same time!

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Food Acid (330), Sodium Citrate (331),Flavourings, Preservative (211), Colour, Caffeine

WARNING - CONTAINS CAFFEINE: Not remommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or caffeine-sensitive persons

RECOMMENDED USAGE: Maximum 1 portion per person per day

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