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Wests 1876

Cola & Raspberry Soda Syrup

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The famous taste of Wests Cola & Raspberry from the comfort of your own home! Using the same recipe that goes into our Flagship Soft Drink flavour, you're sure to love this Classic mix of crisp Cola with a refreshing hint of Raspberry.

Compatible with any home Soda Machine, enjoy the taste of our flagship Cola & Raspberry flavour with our 1 litre Soda Syrup.

Perfectly suitable for Individuals Wests' 1 litre Soda Syrups go great! Coming in a tough PET bottle that can handle everyday use, Simply mix 1:5 Syrup/Soda Water for a delicious refreshing drink that we're sure you'll love.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Food Acid (330), Flavourings, Preservative (211), Colour

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